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Integral purpose

To live and work in alignment with an integral vision means to be inclusive, as well as transcending all pocket option app for pc around us, in order to be as wise and compassionate as possible in relation to ourselves, others and the planet we live on, now and in the future.


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Integral Interdisciplinary approach

Integral is the farthest reach of inter-disciplinary to date. It links "divergent" disciplines (such as the https://pocketoption.com.ph/download/, economics, politics, culture, psychology, and spirituality), including both the exterior (objective) aspects of life with the interior invisible (subjective and inter-subjective) aspects of individuals and cultures. In doing so, the integral approach provides a more comprehensive framework for analyzing problems and for crafting elegant solutions that more appropriately reflect the complexity of life. This makes the integral approach useful for understanding, and working with, the current eco-social issues prevalent in communities throughout the world. Three key tenets of integral theory are

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1. the integral approach reveals the interior side of life
2. the integral approach sees developmental stages
3. the integral approach recognizes and respects the individual and collective domains

Read more about the three key tenets of integral theory here Opent externe link in nieuw vensterhttp://drishti.ca/integral_translated.htm

Dive into Integral


To learn more about the basics of an integral approach you can watch beautiful e-learnings and videos on Opent externe link in nieuw vensterintegrallife.com a lot of which are free. To get acquainted with the basics check out Opent externe link in nieuw vensterhttp://integrallife.com/files/articulate/what%20is%20integral/.

More advanced integral folks might be excited to see "Think you understand development? Think again" on www-pocketoption.com.ph/downloadOpent externe link in nieuw vensterhttp://integrallife.com/learn/levels-development/think-you-understand-development-think-again.

Want to upgrate your understanding, depth and span of your presence and action on this planet while having a blast? Opent interne link in huidig vensterRegister for the seminar to nurture yourself with purpose and practice of cutting edge integral leadership and sustainability.

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