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We are a foundation dedicated to creating and supporting a community of embodied change-agents that can support the small and large scale shifts that need to happen in our internal and external worlds, in order for humanity and therefore life in general  to thrive on this planet.

We do this by offering courses for individuals, but also by stewarding organizational change processes with a team of experienced, heart-centred facilitators. Also, anyone who defines themselves as part of this community is welcome to our events, like the monthly practice group.

Our work is inspired by the Integral Model (AQAL) by Ken Wilber. The foundation is called Experience Integral because we feel it is important to gain lived experiences of how using the model looks in our daily life. In our view, this is where its largest potential lies, and so we practice together in whatever way we can.

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All material of the Integral European Conference 2014 now available!

This truly magical event took place in Budapest in Summer 2014. All materials of the presentations (PDF / audio / video), photo’s of the event, and more are now available. We highly recommend this amazing resource!

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