The Board

These are the current board members of Experience Integral:

Patrick van der Hofstad
Miriam van Groen

Anouk Brack

All of these perfectly imperfect people feel their lives have been enriched by the AQAL-model and the community growing around it. They are dedicated to putting the model into practice for themselves and others. The theory in itself doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t create, it doesn’t love. It needs people to bring it to life. To test it, to do their morning meditation, to communicate authentically, to practice self-care, to integrate their shadows.

We are not trying to evangelize this model. We have a vision of living it and with that, attracting people who want to know what we are doing that has us be so effective, open-hearted, and nourished on all levels of our being. We struggle, we fall off whatever wagon we are trying to stay on, we make mistakes and hurt other people and ourselves, and in that, we do our best to support each other. Because none of us can do it (whatever ‘it’ is) alone, and all of us have lessons to learn. We are firm believers in the concept of ‘lifting as you climb’, of sharing our own inspirations and struggles and hard-learned lessons, and listening to others share theirs.

Thank you for being interested in that idea long enough to get to this point in the text :-). We hope to meet you soon, or again, whichever the case may be.

Embodying Sustainable Leadership