Anouk Brack

Anouk Brack

Anouk is a leadership developer with a neuro-biology background. She is fascinated with evolution. Both the outside and inside of it. She founded Experience Integral in 2009 after reading Peter Merry’s book on Evolutionary Leadership in 2006 and going to California to the first Integral Theory Conference and to Next Step Integrals Leadership seminar in 2008. She felt that integral theory brought a lot of overview and perspective, but saw a lot of “integral heads on sticks” walking around as well. She felt it as her calling to offer the experience of an integral worldview in Europe. She mainly focusses on teaching how to Embody Integral Leadership, also in challenging moments and complex change processes.

Expertise in embodying integral leadership on 3 levels:

  1. Professional: Embodying Leadership Presence with confidence, connection and clarity
  2. Organisational: Integral leadership for organisation development – strategicically combining professional development, organisational culture, and organisational stucture for sustainable results
  3. Systemic: Process facilitation of system innovation for sustainability – Reflexive Monitoring in Action (RMA) & Art of hosting (AoH) methods

Her main activities are:

  1. Executive Coaching: Embodying integral leadership – (since 2007)
  2. Training in Leadership Embodiment for directors, managers, self-employed professionals, trainers, advisors and coaches – (since 2011) and (since 2013)
  3. Teacher “Integral Leadership for Sustainability” at Wageningen University (WUR) (since 2000)


Embodying Sustainable Leadership