The Foundation

We are a foundation dedicated to creating and supporting a community of embodied change-agents that can support the small and large scale shifts that need to happen in our internal and external worlds, in order for humanity and therefor life in general  to thrive on this planet.

In 2009, founder Anouk Brack was inspired by her visit to the Integral Theory Conference (ITC) in the US. At the same time she had a deep longing to do more that talk about the wonderful ideas included in Ken Wilber’s AQAL model. She trusted that the theory would stand up to practical testing, and what’s more, gain relevance and reliability through such application. One of the core tenets of Integral theory is, after all, ‘ the map is not the territory’.

Her first order of business was to organize a retreat in The Netherlands, inviting many of her friends from inside the country and overseas to teach there. Barrett Brown, who was one of the core teaching staff there, went on to organize the Conscious Leadership for Sustainability program in conjunction with the foundation for some years, before moving back to the US.

Since then the organization has remained relatively small, but with a dedicated following of people that have said that our events are like a warm bath; a place to sink in, where people speak their language and share their ideals and their doubts.

We create such a place by offering courses for individuals. Anyone who defines themselves as part of this community is welcome to our events, like the monthly practice group.  On a larger scale, we  steward organizational change processes with a team of experienced, heart-centered facilitators.

Embodying Sustainable Leadership