Anouk A. Brack

She holds a master degree in biology. She is also a trained energy reader and intuition facilitator. She works at Wageningen University of Life Sciences in the Netherlands at the Chair Group Education and Competence Studies where she is a communication skills trainer (negotiation, argumentation, presentation) and teaches the courses "Intuitive Intelligence" and "Integral Leadership for Sustainability" that she developed herself. She is currently involved in creating a bachelor minor in sustainability based on an integral worldview.

Next to being the director of Experience integral, she is the owner of Opens external link in new windowAnoukA Training, a consultancy company facilitating consciousness development in organizations. She coaches individuals in developing self awareness, taking more ownership of their well-being, and doing their job with presence and passion.

Her own practices are Argentine tango, qi Gong, aikido, meditation, tantra, Integral Life Practice meetings in Arnhem, mantra singing, fitness and of course life itself!

Anouk is a human potential developer. Building on her diverse background in biology, communication, and creative and intuitive development she inspires and motivates people to be courageous enough to let go and allow their full potential to unfold before their eyes. She is fascinated by the outer evolution of biology and even more by the inner evolution of consciousness. She enjoys a good paradox and loves connecting and integrating opposites. She believes that like with feminine and masculine energies in the body, integrating opposites is about fully allowing both to bloom and commune without losing their authenticity. To grow towards our full human potential we need to nourish and grow our compassion, curiosity and courage.