Introducing board member Miriam van Groen

Dear all,

My name is Miriam van Groen, and as of October 2009, I am the treasurer of the Experience Integral Foundation.

I have known Anouk since I was treasurer for a youth association some years ago. Somehow our paths have kept crossing and we keep rediscovering how fond we are of each other. A little ball started rolling when she asked me to help her with and join her during the foundation's first event this summer, the truly amazing Integral Leadership for Sustainable Evolution Seminar. I saw it as a great present for myself after finishing my masters thesis in International Development: a way to kickstart the rest of my life. And it was :-)!

After this seminar, becoming a board member was an intuitive as well as a logical step for me to take. I look forward to helping the foundation organize many more successful events and to reach its goal of supporting the evolution of human consciousness and the development of an integral worldview. I hope to see you soon!

Love, Miriam