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Meet our colleagues Matthew Rich and Willow Dea:

Matthew Rich

Matthew is a coach, consultant and independent scholar, has a diverse background in alternative learning and human development. He holds a diploma in Early Childhood Development from the Sustainability Institute (Cape Town). A native of South Africa, he immersed himself in alternative education including unschooling, critical pedagogy, Montessori education, and democratic education. After a number of years at Nahoon Montessori School, Matthew went on to consult and work with a number of organizations including the Sustainability Institute and the Montessori Foundation.
 Following that, he spent over two years in China and India where he co-directed a bilingual Casa dei Bambini program, developed training materials and curricula with Nurture International, co-created an in-service program for orphanage caregivers, and served as adjunct faculty at an American Montessori Society teaching college.

 Matthew is completing a Master’s degree in Psychology and Consciousness Studies through the International Centre for Integral Studies (Delhi), where his research is focussing on the Integral Yoga psychology of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Additionally, he holds post-graduate certifications in Montessori Early Childhood Education and TESOL. He is also a graduate of BayNVC’s North America Leadership Program (2008), Core Integral, The Centre for Partnership Studies’ Caring Economics Leadership Program, and the Integral Sustainability Centre’s Conscious Leadership for Sustainability course.

 Matthew’s scholarship has been published in journals (Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning (JUAL), Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice, Integral Leadership Review, Montessori Leadership) and book chapters (The Directory of Democratic Education: 2nd edition (AERO Books); Excellence in School Education II: Pedagogy, Curriculum, and Assessment (Scholastic)) and he provided expert review for scientific publications (International Journal of Peace and Development Studies, Educational Research Journal, The Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, and Integral Leadership Review). A regular speaker at international conferences, Matthew is also a Certified Life Coach and is in the final stages of completing his Certification as an NVC trainer.
 He lives with his partner Anneke in Utrecht, in the Netherlands.


Willow Dea

Willow Dea MS OTR plays with integral program development for all ages. As Director for the Integral Education Center at META Integral, she provides consulting and coaching for those committed to individual and organizational evolution. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in occupational therapy, the science of human performance. After 16 years in private practice, she turned to facilitating seminars for educators, and is the Editor of Igniting Brilliance: Integral Education in the 21st Century. She co-developed Inner Space Training for commercial space tourists, taking integral education to the Kosmos. Twenty three years of therapeutic, embodiment and contemplative training inform her work. She utilizes experiential practice, language distinctions, emotional integration and highly customized Jedi skills to assist her clients to have breakthroughs on a regular basis. Willow contributes to Huffington Post, and educational magazines regularly. After work, she can be found running, meditating, dancing Argentine Tango, or writing.