A Big Thank you to all Partners and Supporters for helping to create our activities!


These organizations cooperate with the Experience Integral foundation to help create this seminar!


Venwoude is a personal growth training center at a beautiful location in the woods near Utrecht, in the centre of the Netherlands.

The Five Wisdoms Institute

The Five Wisdoms Institute and its founder Irini Rockwell, author of "Five Wisdoms @ Work" kindly support this seminar. The institute offers professional development training for health caregivers, educators, organizational leaders, and individuals in authentic leadership.

Scholarship Sponsor


X-Terra is a Dutch organisation offering training, coaching and management support in the fields of leadership development, talentbuilding and creativity. More information (in Dutch) can be found on  website www.x-terra.nl

Intuition Company 

Intuition Company is a Dutch Training Company offering training, coaching and workshops to companies and organizations. Topics vary from effective communication, intuitive leadership to the use of mindfulness and creativity for teams and individuals.

Top Supporters

Many thanks to these organisations and the people involved in them for supporting the Experience Integral Foundation and the creation of the Integral Leadership seminar. This support can be advice, financial support, marketing or just plain good vibes! Thanks a million!