Conscious Leadership for Sustainability 2013

Jan de Dood

Jan J.Ph.M. de Dood is Head Risk Management Private Banking at Rabobank the Netherlands. Also he's a Financial Strategist at the Center for Human Emergence and advisor of several social and commercial institutions from his involvement with the future of society.

I was born and raised on 't Verlaat, a small hamlet wedged and divided between three municipalities in North Holland.

After high school I started working at Rabobank. In 1992 with two companions I started a private asset management and trust business. In 2002 I sold my shares in the company and have taken the time to contemplate my future. I've now returned in the banking industry, working as Head of Risk Private Banking at Rabobank Netherlands.

Besides my daily work, I am associated with the Center for Human Emergence as Financial Strategist ( Furthermore, from my involvement with the future of society, I advise various social, political and commercial bodies.

My intend is to be a navigator in this rapidly changing, complex and intriguing world. In this context, together with Marieke de Vrij, I have written a book "De Toekomst van een Wezenlijk Waardevast Bestel".

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