Conscious Leadership for Sustainability 2013

Ir. Michiel Doorn

Michiel Doorn has 25 years of international experience in environmental and climate consulting with industry and government. His passion is to facilitate profitable change toward more resilient and sustainable business practices through sound research, analysis and synthesis.

He has experience in many environmental disciplines including sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, climate change and energy; offering an integrated approach to multi-disciplinary issues. He is currently working on systems-based approaches to implement and monitor sustainability initiatives, processes and best practices.

Michiel has worked in the Netherlands and in the United States. He has lectured environmental ethics at North Carolina State University and now is with Webster University in Leiden where he lectures a class in Leadership for Sustainable Development.  He is the author of two books that deal with cosmology and our deeper relationship to the world and numerous academic and policy papers and reports for US and Dutch clients. He has a degree from Delft University and runs his own consulting firm (

ā€œI am striving to live in this world, on the Earth, in full consciousness. I have a tremendous respect for the creative process be it human or natural, and I strive to fully participate with joy, excellence and service. For me this is a calling to put in a lot of energy and work for sustainability, to improve ā€˜good housekeeping.....ā€™ eco-awareness.ā€

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