Executive Mentoring in Integral Leadership

Experience Integral's founder and co-director Anouk Brack offers executive mentoring and coaching in integral leadership for sustainability. 

Stepping into executive mentoring is only useful if most of these statements apply:

  • As an executive leader or CSR-manager you are expected to have a vision about leadership towards sustainability.
  • You've heard about or even studied Integral Theory, complexity theory, Spiral Dynamics, the Art of Hosting, Business Model Generation, Theory U, Holacracy or Leadership Embodiment and you wonder how this can be applied to your leadership and your organisation.
  • You're interested in cultivating conscious capitalism by exploring how the value propositions and the core-values of your organisation could be more aligned in order to build a more resilient and sustainable business case.
  • You're interested in cultivating your leadership presence and enhancing targeted communication so you achieve sustainable results more easily.
  • You look forward to having a professional "at your disposal" to bounce ideas off of and keep you plugged into the latest in integral applications for sustainability leadership.

What we offer with this executive mentoring package:

  • Focussed mentoring on the application of Integral Theory on Leadership by an expert with a big picture view and creativity in designing practical implementations
  • One-on-one; on site or via skype/phone; in English or Dutch
  • Weekly or monthly package of study material with guiding questions and tools getting you up to speed with the essentials in integral leadership for sustainability
  • Mentoring meetings for explanation, Q&A and application tools towards your own organisation.

Interested in a meeting or phone call to explore compatibility?

Drop Anouk Brack a line at +31267506546 or Opens internal link in current windowfill in this contact form for an exploratory conversation.