Practice groups

Experience Integral’s 5th season of Community Practice Groups 2014-2015

The Practice Groups aim to provide a platform for people to practice the skills and insights from other Experience Integral events. We offer support to each other in our change processes on a personal and professional level. The Practice Group has been described as a warm bath for so many of us that feel like ‘lone wolves’ in our daily surroundings.

Dear old & new friends,

Foreno and Miriam will be hosting this season’s monthly gatherings. We are really looking forward to bringing the well-known added value of community support to your practice (the next Buddha is a Sangha!) with a fresh new spark. In order to provide that kind of value, some things will be the same and some things will be different, like we hinted at before.

The same: Alternating Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Different: All gatherings will be in Utrecht, since the geographical center of gravity of our members has shifted to the middle of the country.

The same: Prices for 10, 5 and single sessions.

Different: We strongly invite you to get in touch if the price is in any way keeping you from coming.

The same: You can come to all or some or one of the gatherings without problems (they are ‘modular’)

Different: There will be a ‘red thread’, a theme continuing for 5 practice groups, to give coherence and a sense of building on something you did before. This is also aided by including your personal ‘theme for growth’ explicitly in each session. This might also be helpful in the realm of accountability: other members will now about your commitments ;-).

The same: You can check in with the other participants on a social and professional level.

Different: To keep the workshop to 2,5 hours and still have time for social interactions, you are invited for dinner before or lunch after. You can bring something to the venue and eat there. Also, we’ll open the doors half an hour before starting, so you can catch up and/or meet new members.

The same: The monthly gathering will be ‘live’.

Different: We’re planning a try-out for a virtual gathering outside of the regular meetings. This will allow foreign members of the community to participate and we get to experiment to find out what works and doesn’t work in a virtual space. If this is a success, we will find a way to incorporate this into the format for the Practice Groups.

The same: The hosts (also the same – Miriam and different – Foreno) provide organizational support, members of the community provide the content. If you would like to provide content for a small or large portion of the PG, we’d love that! It’s a great opportunity to try out a new lecture, exercise, workshop, meditation… The PG is meant as an incubator for what is alive in our hearts and minds.

Different: The theme for the first five sessions is set (but still flexible ;-)). We are looking to include movement/meditation and content elements in each session, with community/socializing before or after.

The same: The invitations will be sent out by email some time before the event.

Different: The intention is to send the invitations a bit sooner and to also use other platforms like our website, Facebook, Twitter and MeetUp to get the word out. You can RSVP through any of these media, and also still decide to come at the last minute.

The same: The practice group is meant for people that have done courses and/or retreats with Experience Integral, so they can stay in touch and practice the skills they learned together so as to have a bigger impact on their life.

Different: We want to explicitly open the PGs to integrally informed people looking for community and practice opportunities. Do you know such people, please forward them the invitation on whatever platform is most convenient.

We are really looking forward to spending time with you in meaningful, energizing and inspiring ways this year!

Much love,

Miriam and Foreno

Time & Place:

Wonderful Wednesday evening

  • 18.00 possibility for dinner
  • 19.00 doors open
  • 19.30 begin
  • 22.00 end

Satisfying Saturday morning

  • 10.00 doors open
  • 10.30 begin
  • 13.00 end
  • 13.30 possibility for lunch

Address: Balistraat 59 Utrecht, bell: iValon (ring twice)


  • 10 times = EUR 90
  • 5 times (e.g. all Saturdays or all Wednesdays, or a mix) = EUR 55
  • 1 times = EUR 15

You can pay through IBAN NL68 TRIO 0390 1258 30


Theme: Integral Life Practice to support your purpose

  • Wed October 8 – Introduction to ILP, identifying your theme for growth this season

Today, we will check in with ourselves and each other. What is alive in our awareness around four of the major parts of Integral Life Practice (Wilber, Patten): Body, Emotion, Mind, and Spirit (the themes of the coming four PGs – in the book also Relations and Energy are added)? You will identify your main growth theme for this season by looking at your current situation with loving acceptance. We will use a process inspired by ‘The 4 Pillars of Clarity’ developed by Christian Pankhurst and ‘The Powerful Engagement’ by Loehr and Schwartz.

Click here for the Facebook event

  • Sat November 8 Body – Embodiment, Food, Exercise
  • Wed December 10 Emotion/shadow – Feeding your demons and/or Circling
  • Sat January 10 Mind – Using AQAL/SDi in designing and executing your projects (and/or critiques of/additions to AQAL/Wilberian Integral)
  • Wed February 11 Spirit – Meditation and Visioning, possibly breath work

Theme(s): to be determined

  • Sat March 14
  • Wed April 15
  • Sat May 16
  • Wed June 10
  • Sat July 11

We’ll decide & communicate the next theme(s) in a few month’s time.Let us know what is juicy and alive for you, e.g. Expanding our intuitive ability to feel into and follow the flow, Excursions to other organisations, Pro-Action Café, ‘Sexy’ intervision of a project based on sharing, circling & accountability, Big mind/shadow work on money, power & sex.

Embodying Sustainable Leadership