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Would you like to:

  • Know more about Integral without having to plough through a mountain of articles or books?
  • Feel the possible impact of using the Integral model in your life directly and easily, in a safe, well facilitated environment?
  • Meet other people that also feel a longing for more sustainability, for themselves (taking care of yourself, having a positive-realistic outlook), their communities and organizations, and the world at large?
  • Instantly create a deeper connection with yourself and others?

Our yearly summer retreat has been such an inspiration for us that we would like to not have to wait a year for the next one! We have also found that there are quite some people that like the sound of Integral, but they would like something of a crash course. We aim to provide just that in our introductory retreats throughout the year,  using the tried and tested (and very Integral ;-)) format of our summer retreats.

On each of the three days, you will get short informative talks on an important part of the model. We will immediately put that knowledge into action in a playful yet realistic way. You will taste a variety of Integral Life Practices to help you decide which one(s) speak to you most at this point in your life. Every day we check in with each other and there is ample time to ‘geek out’ over details of the model, or get into what is coming up for you on an emotional level.

Before you decide to come to a full (and we mean jam-packed) 3-day weekend, you can get to know us a bit at one of the taster evenings. These are designed to give you directly applicable information and practices, and each one will showcase a different part of the model. Because we want to take away any possible obstacle for you to come and Experience Integral, these evenings are donation-based. You decide at the end how much you feel the evening was worth to you AND what is comfortable for you to pay.

>> Click here to find out more about the summer retreat 2016! <<

Embodying Sustainable Leadership