Conscious Leadership for Sustainability 2013

Clint Fuhs

I live my life passionately. While people typically describe me as intense, I strive to pair that intensity with an embodied sense of purpose, direction, and compassion. This aim characterizes my work and the service I offer to clients.

My path towards integration began in high school where I struggled under the relentless pressure to specialize, despite my deep inclinations for breadth over depth. Just before entering college, I found Ken's work and thus a balance between these opposing drives. I labored for years— a lone integralist in the wilderness of Vermont— until I roped 8 students into a class I taught on integral theory during my senior year. And so it began.

I then made my way to Colorado and started working with Integral Institute just prior to the launch of Integral Naked. After six years of work in operations, teaching, and curriculum, my journery with Integral Life has undergone a profound and exciting shift. I am now the founder and CEO of Core Integral, Inc. Dedicated to ensuring the integrity of a comprehensive and engaged integral understanding, Core Integral works in partnership with Ken Wilber and Integral Life.

I am currently completing a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development at Fielding Graduate University. My research focuses on the nature of perspective-taking—for which I was awarded best paper at the 2008 Integral Theory conference—and on an embodied perspective training practice called the Meta Practice—a joint development effort with colleague Brian Berger.

Within the next year, I will be teaching in affiliation with Core Integral, iEvolve Global Practice Community, and the degree programs at John F. Kennedy and Fielding Graduate Universities.

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