Conscious Leadership for Sustainability 2013

Core Designers and Hosts

The course is created by this team of Experience Integral. Click on the photos or names for a bio.

Anouk Brack

  • Co-Director, Experience Integral
  • Certified Leadership Embodiment Trainer
  • Integral Leadership for Sustainability Teacher, Wageningen University

Matthew Rich

  • Director of Operations, Integral Education Center (Meta-Integral)
  • Integral Education & Learning Expert

Michiel Doorn

  • Director, Ecoawareness
  • Adjunct Lecturer in Leadership for Sustainable Development at Webster University

Rik Hoevers

  • Co-Director, Experience Integral
  • Sacred Geometry Expert
  • Sustainability Philosopher

Presenters at the seminars

The following line up is confirmed to present, facilitate or host at one of the two residential seminars in Venwoude. Click on the photos or names for a bio.

Peter Merry

  • Founding Director of the Hague Center for Global Governance Innovation and Emergence
  • Director, Center for Human Emergence, the Netherlands
  • Author of Evolutionary Leadership: Integral Leadership for an Increasingly Complex World

Jan de Dood

  • Financial Strategist, Center for Human Emergence
  • Director Risk Managment at Rabobank NL Private Banking

Anne Caspari

  • Adjunct Professor, European School of Economics (Basel)
  • Corporate Sustainability and Value Driven Business Expert

Arjen Wals

  • Professor Social Learning and Sustainable Development at Wageningen University of Life Sciences
  • UNESCO Social Learning and Sustainable Development Chair

Freek van der Pluijm

  • The Natural Step method for Accelerating Change towards Sustainability consultant



Present in Conference Call

During and between the seminars we'll be joined in conference calls with these brilliant and inspiring minds. Click on the photos or names for a bio.

Barrett Brown

  • Director, Integral Sustainability Center (Meta-Integral)
  • Conscious Leadership for Sustainability Expert

Marilyn Hamilton

  • Author of Integral City, Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive
  • Royal Roads University
  • Meshworking and Spiral Dynamics Expert

Clint Fuhs

  • Founder
    Core Integral, Inc.
  • Operations & Curricullum Manager
    Integral Life, Integral Institute

Marilyn and Barrett on YouTube

Watch Marilyn and Barrett when they gave a lecture at our Embodying Integral Sustainability seminar in August 2011:



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