Conscious Leadership for Sustainability 2013

Leadership Embodiment Level 1 Certification

The Silver and Gold packages include all parts of a regular two day training in Leadership Embodiment Fundamentals (LE level1) and lead to a LE level 1 certification. The Bronze package includes basic practice in Leadership Embodiment techniques, without certification.

Leadership Embodiment is a very accessible practice in leadership presence that has deep roots nonetheless.

  • It develops 3 basic professional competences and enhances the capacity to perform under pressure.
  • It discerns between 2 states of being - reactive and centered.
  • It consists of a 4 step process called centering.

Leadership Embodiment draws on the traditions of Aikido – a revolutionary non-aggressive martial art and mindfulness practice to offer simple yet deep techniques that help you recognize how your mind and body habitually react to pressure, and to access more skillful and unified responses.

Ken Wilber on the value of centering:

“(…) what you’re really doing when you center is that you are in a sense placing yourself in the very center of the cyclone. You’re placing yourself in pure emptiness to the extent you have access to that. So what steps into that emptiness is the highest structure available.”

What is the effect of a Leadership Embodiment workshop?

Learn to unify your body’s message with what is being said to enhance satisfaction in your life and your capacity for effective leadership. Through simple physical forms, work in pairs, and group discussions, this module offers you:

  • Insights into your personal reactive patterns and limiting assumptions.
  • Tools and practices that help you increase your presence, confidence, compassion and sense of humor as you deal with organizational change.
  • An approach to synchronize the body’s energy with what is being said, bringing unity and clarity into action.
  • Increased capacity to live with paradox and the tension between opposites.
  • A way to recover balance and clarity when faced with moral, business, and political dilemmas.

On a good day, with a great colleague and an interesting project, anyone can be inspiring, a good listener and a clear communicator. But what happens to our effectiveness and friendliness under pressure? These embodiment practices teach us to re-center ourselves, especially under daily pressures like conflicts, deadlines or a very successful project. Centering will in turn re-balance our inner state of being, emotionally and mentally. It enables us to communicate confidence, compassion and clarity by consciously re-aligning our physical posture in all circumstances.

Accredited Leadership Embodiment Trainer

Anouk Brack is the only accredited Leadership Embodiment trainer in the Netherlands and one of the few in Europe. She is enjoying the growing Leadership embodiment market in Europe. She was trained by the founder of Leadership Embodiment, Wendy Palmer herself. Wendy Palmer is a multiple black belt Aikido teacher and has been a leadership coach for several decades.

Anouk founded Experience Integral and is serving as core faculty on this course. Opens internal link in current windowMore about Anouk here.

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