Evolving overview of the seminar program

Here's a finest selection of several of the program parts. These contributions and more will be part of this carefully designed journey towards a deeper embodiment of our leadership for sustainability.

An overview of the complete day-to-day program can be found here.


Big Picture Sustainability Leadership

Leading from our deepest and widest perspectives

Effective change agents and leaders pay attention to what is happening outside of their organization, in the broader world, and what is happening inside them in the personal world. They bring both those insights into their organizations, thereby cultivating its ability to adapt and grow. Read more

7 Habits for Tapping Potency

Our collective capacity to enact our deepest values in the face of these challenging ecological and geopolitical conditions is nothing short of necessary. Leadership is not only essential, it’s no longer an option to remain uninvolved.  Read more

Natural Brilliance

Embodying spaciousness, clarity, richness, passion and activity

The practice of the Five Wisdoms and an understanding of embodied energy allow us to have a psychophysical experience of both our wisdom and our neurosis, where we shine and where we get stuck. This awareness is transformative: we can learn to align with the best of who we are, coming into a sense of well-being, and use our stuck places as growth points. These practices, sourced in Tantric Buddhism, are based on the subtle energy of our body so allow direct experience, beyond concept, of five energetic patterns. Read more

Plowing the Dark for Greater Brightness

How can our darkest places help is to bring the most of our light to the world? How can our deepest contractions become wellsprings for the creativity we need to surf through complexity? Who might we become - and how powerful might we be - if we could bring our full being into leadership for sustainability, warts and all?. Read more

Meshworking Leadership Intelligences for Evolutionary Change

In this large group meshworking exercise, you will work with other participants to explore,

“How could the leaders of this Experience Integral community use meshwork intelligence to coalesce authority, power and influence on behalf of a shared purpose?” Read more

Grok, Talk, Walk, Rock

Four Generations Constellating Leadership for Sustainability

In today’s Human Hive, how do generational cohorts align (or not) as they clash, coordinate, collaborate, and constellate their values of Leadership on behalf of Sustainability? What differentiates the approaches of those born before WWII from the Boomers, Gen X and the Millennials? Where is sustainability impacted by the archetypes that these four generations demonstrate in their thinking, behaviours, relationships and systems? Read more


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