Introducing our faculty and organization team to you!

Barrett Brown

"For almost two decades I have worked to create liberating structures for change agents, leaders, organizations, and inter-organizational systems. These structures serve to unlock the deep potential of individuals, bringing forth their healthiest forms of power, as well as wisdom, compassion, and other advanced capacities. Given the state of the world, I am deeply committed to supporting change agents and leaders to strengthen their ability to respond effectively to complexity and ambiguity, as I feel this is absolutely required if we are to transition toward global sustainability." Read more 

Marilyn Hamilton

"My calling has lead me to learn, practise and teach what it means to be a leader, how resilience arises in communities even under the most adverse life situations and why the human hive just might create optimal conditions for us to become Gaia’s most reflective organ.

This calling is demanding!! - but it inevitably blesses me (and I hope all whom I serve) with delight, creativity, compassion and joy. It demands to evolve, yearns to be shared and who are we to deny such a life generating impulse?." Read more

Irini Rockwell

"For decades, I have been deeply interested in the essence of who we are and how we can bring out our best to serve the world.

For me the Five Wisdoms work is very fruitional." Read more 

Willow Dea

"As an integral generalist, I've enjoyed working primarily in the areas of embodiment, education and organizational performance. For the last sixteen years, the integral framework has provided a springboard from which any project is most easily navigated, to bring greater clarity, coherence and balance. I have a great passion for coaching people in leadership positions to gain greater personal resilience, depth and compassion. Embodying sustainable leadership is the daily invitation to respond to the pulse of a greater purpose, without forsaking one's sanity.  It takes a real heroine to wake up each day and love the world all over again. I'm committed to enacting that. "  Read more

Anouk Brack

"I am delighted that this second Experience Integral seminar is happening. Three years ago I founded this organisation in order to organize the first seminar. I was a wonderful experience and a lot of work :-). Witnessing the profound experiences of the participants made it all worthwhile. Now, two years later, the organization matured. The community grew. It is very exciting to me to see and be involved in an organization evolving from the very start. Our mission is to cultivate embodied integral leadership for sustainability with content, courses and community. Personally I practise intuitive intelligent leadership serving the soul of Experience Integral."


"I’ve been looking forward to the seminar ever since I have been engaged in organizing it (from December 2010)! It'll be great to meet up with this group of magnificent people coming together to further their personal growth and the evolution of consciousness on our planet!

I am passionate about a lot of things: sustainability, mystical wisdom, my family and sacred geometry constructions among them. It is my current mission to facilitate Experience Integral in a number of ways and to cultivate my own development to be able to serve more fully." Read more


Miriam van Groen

"I have been involved with Experience Integral since Anouk asked me to help out with the first seminar in 2009. That week is still one of the most powerful experiences of my life and I look back on it with great fondness.

After the seminar, I became the foundation's treasurer. I am looking forward to supporting this second seminar in every way I can." Read more


Ines Lourenco

"My background in Psychology with a Master degree in Organizational Behavior allows me to create new learning experiences´ fields and operate on human behavior´s changing, mainly in companies and NGO´s.

My challenge?  Is to contribute to the people´s awakening and gathering, co-creating a more sustainable way of living and a happier life to all beings on this amazing planet, our home!" Read more 

Foreno van der Hulst

Has a background in Medical biology and Sustainable development and has previously worked as a consultant in wind energy. He is currently working on multiple startups in the field of sustainability. After his first introduction to the Integral model at the Integral Leadership for Sustainable Evolution seminar of Experience Integral, he was and still is amazed by the amount of clarity the Integral model can provide. Read more


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