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Final Chance to Join us! :-)
Registration closes tomorrow, Saturday August 1.
Only Three Places left. Act now.


In this newsletter:

1 day to go - Only 3 spots left!

Go directly to the secure webshop. Tag your seat.

Wonderful quote about this seminar by Opens external link in new windowAndrew Outhwaite of Arising beyond Sustainability :

"...this looks like the best workshop that has happened anywhere, ever, for emerging sustainability leaders...

So, don't miss this wonderful opportunity of personal and collective accelerated evolution.
Reserve your spot today, go to the register overview page.

If desired, creating a payment plan together is possible, connect to Anouk here.


Extended Offer: Bring-a-friend-DISCOUNT.

If you register together with a friend, colleague or neighbor today or tomorrow, both of you can collect a €50,- Discount at the Check-out. If you are already registered and you bring a friend on board, he or she can collect a €50,- DISCOUNT too (that they could use to buy you a beer with in the bar:-)). 

To get your Discount Code for this affiliate discount offer, connect to Anouk here.

Presenting Updated Schedule

We are very proud to present the updated schedule of the event.
This schedule is not the prettiest, but it has links to ALL trainers and ALL sessions :--).
Click away and Enjoy!








Morning Practice














5 Wisdom Meditation

Irini -

Irini -

Irini -

Irini -

Irini -


Applied Theory Session 1

Clint -
"Perspective Taking"

Valentina -

Barrett -

Jesse -
"Leadership Agility"

JesseAnouk -
"What Next?"



1230- 1330 Arrivals
(provide own lunch)







Integration Session

AnoukRik -
"Opening Ceremony"

Anouk & Clint


Anouk & Clint

Anouk & Clint

AnoukRik -
"Closing Circle"


Applied Theory Session 2

Anouk & Kristien -
"Introductions & Intentions"

Clint -
"Integral Leadership"

Valentina -

Barrett -

Sydney -
"Discipline & Surrender"

Kristien & Everybody -
Cleaning up


Applied Theory Session 3

Clint -
"Embodied Theory"

Valentina -

Valentina -

Barrett -

Pelle -










Workshop 1

Irini -
5 wisdoms"

Anouk -

Rik -
"New Technology"

Chahat -
"Shadow & Spirit"

Pelle -


Workshop 2

Jesse -
"4 Fields of Conversation"

Anouk -
"Heart of Leadership"

Chill out Night

Chahat -
"Shadow & Spirit"

DJ Miriam -> Party!

Great Pre-Reading Materials offered for download

Here are links to download 3 great articles and slide shows to prepare yourself for the seminar. Also good material for everyone interested in Sustainability, Integral theory and Leadership Development. Click on the links below to start downloading...


Clear and practical Introduction in Integral Theory by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens

165 K


Slides summarizing the Lester Brown book Plan B 3.0 on the current state of the planet and solutions

2.9 M


Article explaning how to communicate sustainability to people with different worldviews

274 K

Future events of Experience Integral

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Woohoo! :-)

I am so excited this Leadership for Sustainability seminar is actually going to happen! Organizing this seminar has been quite a intensive Leadership training in itself for me this past year ;-)

Do you feel the seminr would not be complete without you, hesitate no longer and join 30 fellow emerging leaders on the 4th of August!
You will gain focus, strength, inspiration and clarity.

You are welcome to share any questions or suggestions for future events you might have, connect with us here.

Have a great August everyone, where ever you are!

Warm regards, Anouk Brack
Director Experience Integral Foundation


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