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A Big Thank you to all Partners and Supporters for helping to create the August 2009 Seminar!

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First time Experience Integral seminar was a success!

Seminar a success!

Would you recommend this seminar?
Yes! If you want to really connect to people, dive deeper into you personall development and want to learn about how to really make a difference in sustainability, go there!!
- Martijn

We had 24 participants from from 7 countries, even South Africa! Financially we broke even and a little bit extra. A great result. The participants gave the seminar a grade of 8,8 out of 10. :-)

Future plans in the field of integral leadership development for sustainability are unfolding. The website www.experienceintegral.org will become a portal of resources on these topics, there are many hours of video from the seminar readily available! We have an active facebook page, twitter IntegralVibes, will assist Barrett Brown in a 8 month Sustainability course in the Hub in Amsterdam, and more to come!

So, a big thank you to YOU who helped create this beautiful seminar from 4-9 August 2009. Your help and support will live on in ways that go beyond your understanding. Even if you “just” spread the word about it. See, like I have have been supported and inspired by you to make this happen, all these people will now go on and inspire more people, who will inspire more people... who...


Please keep inspiring and supporting good stuff to happen!

Big hug from Anouk Brack

Director Experience Integral Foundation - www.experienceintegral.org



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Great Materials offered for download

Here are links to the great resources offered by the seminar trainers. Now available for download: almost all the materials from the seminar reader, many slides, additional articles and Opens external link in new windowvideos. Makes good material for everyone interested in Sustainability, Integral theory and Leadership Development. Opens external link in new windowGo to the resources page for video, photo and slide materials or Click on the links below to start downloading articles...


Barrett Brown's article on Integral Sustainability 101, looking at the quadrants and sustainability efforts


Barrett Brown's slides on Integral Sustainability also illustrating the developmental stages with lots of pictures


Overview of articles and links provided by Clint Fuhs


Clint Fuhs' article on Integral Leadership


Clint Fuhs'article on State and Structure Stages


Clint Fuhs'article on Organization Development with historical perspective


Clint Fuhs'article on an Integral Epistomology - about an integral approach to combining scientific methodologies


Clint Fuhs article explaining Integral Perspective Taking including the famous appendix with the perspectives listed


Jesse McKay's slides on Integral Leadership Agility - a system focusing on leadership behavior and skills


Jesse McKay's slides on the four stages on group development, also called conversational fields


Pelle Billing's slides on Integral Gender


Rik Hoevers' list of resources on philosophy of technology

Future events of Experience Integral

We intent to be an inspiring place for personal development with the aid of resources and events in the fields of Applied Integral Theory, Leadership Development and Sustainability. We value embodiment, connection and innovation.

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... be informed, with a maximum of once per month, about other great integral events and inspiring resources on Integral Leadership and Sustainability.

Exciting events in the conception phase are "Integral Gender: Towards a healthy expression of masculine and feminine energies" and supporting a inspiring Sustainability course by Barrett Brown.



We recommend "Personal Authenticity in Challenging Times" 12-15 Nov 2009 by Irini Rockwell

Our friends at Opens external link in new windowIntegral Life & Training Centre KenKon in Wageningen, the Netherlands present a leading edge seminar filled with ancient wisdom and contemporary leadership training by Irini Rockwell and co-trainers.

The seminar starts on Thursday November the 12th at 20.00 h with a talk. This talk will be open to everyone who is interested. On Friday and Saturday the program runs from 9.30 - 18.00 h. On Sunday to 17.00 h.

The wonderful deep and experiential work of Irini Rockwell is described in more detail on Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.fivewisdomsinstitute.com/. Her work is based on Tibetan Buddhism and reconnects us deeply to our essence, while showing us clearly where we are showing up inauthentically to ourselves and the world.

This seminar is packed with a variety of practices to ensure an integral approach to what you are looking for in your life right now.

€ 365,- including drinks, snacks, lunches and course material.
Only € 295 if payment is received before September 30th, 2009!

We are all looking to find the best possible groove life has to offer us and we can’t do it all on our own. Every now and than we need to charge ourselves with
inspiration, quietness, inisights, heart to heart communication and more.
So, if you are looking for:
- more depth, meaning and creativity in your life
- more clarity and attunement in your communication
- more inner peace in periods of fear and anxiety
- more courage in entering into relationship wit others
- a more effective work performance
- more direction in your life,
than this is seminar for you!

Join us at http://kenkon.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/NovemberPersonalAuthenticityA5-folder-2.pdf

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