What is Leadership Embodiment?

Leadership Embodiment draws on the traditions of Aikido – a revolutionary non-aggressive martial art and mindfulness practice to offer simple yet deep techniques that help you recognize how your mind and body habitually react to pressure, and to access more skillful and unified responses.

What is the effect of a Leadership Embodiment workshop?

Learn to unify your body’s message with what is being said to enhance satisfaction in your life and your capacity for effective leadership. Through simple physical forms, work in pairs, and group discussions, this module offers you:

  • Insights into your personal reactive patterns and limiting assumptions.
  • Tools and practices that help you increase your presence, confidence, compassion and sense of humor as you deal with organizational change.
  • An approach to synchronize the body’s energy with what is being said, bringing unity and clarity into action.
  • Increased capacity to live with paradox and the tension between opposites.
  • A way to recover balance and clarity when faced with moral, business, and political dilemmas.

On a good day, with a great colleague and an interesting project, anyone can be inspiring, a good listener and a clear communicator. But what happens to our effectiveness and friendliness under pressure? These embodiment practices teach us to re-center ourselves, especially under daily pressures like conflicts, deadlines or a very successful project. Centering will in turn re-balance our inner state of being, emotionally and mentally. It enables us to communicate confidence, compassion and clarity by consciously re-aligning our physical posture in all circumstances.

Videos on Leadership Embodiment

We have some videos on this topic ready for you on a separate page. Click here for samples on what a Leadership Embodiment workshop can look like.

Who is Embodiment trainer Anouk Brack?

Anouk Brack is one of the first certified Leadership Embodiment trainers in Europe and has been trained by Wendy Palmer herself. 

Anouk Brack, MSc, is a human potential developer fascinated by evolution and sustainability. She is a EMCC certified coach in leadership development. She is founding director of the Experience Integral Foundation for sustainable leadership and a coach at AnoukA Training. She works at Wageningen University of Life Sciences in the Netherlands at the Chair Group Education and Competence Studies where she has been a senior professional skills trainer since 2000. She developed and offers the master courses: “Integral Leadership for Sustainability” and “Intuitive Intelligence.” 

Keen on connecting the business world, academic world and the integral scene, she has been a trainer and presenter at the Integral Theory Conference (2010), the Integral Ecology and Education seminar (2008, 2010), the Integral Leadership Collaborative (2011) and several Conscious Leadership for Sustainability courses (2010, 2011) by Barrett Brown. 

Anouk is a specialist in leadership embodiment, intuitive intelligence and professional effectiveness. She studies and teaches how to cultivate leadership presence using the principles of Leadership Embodiment by Wendy Palmer. She is also a trained subtle energy reader and intuition facilitator. Her motto is: Accept, Integrate, Evolve. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband, and co-director of Experience Integral, Rik Hoevers and his wonderful daughter Eva. Anouk’s own practices include Conscious Embodiment, Argentine tango, meditation, fitness, GTD and of course life itself.

Who is Wendy Palmer?

Wendy Palmer has been teaching classes and workshops in Conscious Embodiment and Leadership Embodiment for over twenty-eight years. She is a sixth-degree Black Belt in Aikido and she teaches at Aikido of Tamalpais in Corte Madera, California. Wendy is author of two books: The Intuitive Body and The Practice of Freedom, a DVD: Conscious Embodiment, and an audio CD: Recovering Your Center

“Wendy is a superb teacher with a special gift for imparting knowledge through body, mind, and spirit. She uses patience, humor, and intuitive insight to help students realize their potential.”

– George Leonard, Author of “Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment

What is Leadership Embodiment’s philosophy to life and leadership?

Wendy inspires many because of her unique combination of humanness and wisdom. She teaches with clarity, patience and humor.  Using her own imperfections as an example, she truly practices what she preaches.  She encourages us not to ignore or deny our reactive patterns, but rather to get to know them and befriend them. At the same time we practice re-centering ourselves. This way we can come from a confident, connected and clear place.

She invites us to accept ourselves completely as we are, including our weaknesses while at the same time practicing to bring presence and a sense of nobility into every moment. It is exactly this combination of total acceptance and total dedication to being the best we can be that makes Conscious Embodiment such a nurturing and effective practice.