Session 1 Assignment overview

Here's the Assignment overview. Scroll down to download a zipfile of all articles for the first session. 

Please engage the following material before December 8. This will provide the theoretical foundation for the rest of the course. As questions arise, please write them down and bring them to our first session together on December 8.

(all articles attached)
An Overview of Integral Theory - An All-Inclusive Framework for the 21st Century by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens
Theory and Practice of Integral Sustainable Development - Part 1: Quadrants and the Practitioner by Barrett C. Brown
Theory and Practice of Integral Sustainable Development - Part 2: Values, Developmental Levels and Natural Design by Barrett C. Brown
Integral Sustainability 101: A Brief Introduction to the Quadrants Element of the Integral Framework for Sustainable Development by Barrett C. Brown
Responding to Climate Change - The Need for an Integral Approach by Karen O'Brien (one of the authors of IPCC reports)

(articles attached)
An Essential Introduction to the Integral Approach (5-part multimedia presentation, will take about an hour)<wbr></wbr>overview/essential-<wbr></wbr>introduction-integral-approach
An Overview of Integral Ecology: A Comprehensive Approach to Today's Complex Planetary Issues by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens
Defining Sustainability - A Hundred Perspectives - compiled by Will Varey

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