Session 2 Assignment Overview

These are the resources for session 2 - January 5 2010

Scroll down to download the zip file with all the articles. Here's an overview of the assignments for the second session.



  • READ: Four Worlds of Sustainability Paper  - by Barrett C. Brown (56 pp + appendices)
  • REFLECT: Clarify the project vision of what you are trying to create with your sustainability (or personal) project by June 15th. Make it detailed and specific, 200 words or less. Then do a Q-DyTS analysis of your project, identifying the dynamics which are supporting or thwarting your achievement of that vision. (See handout on Q-DyTS.) Finally, identify what the initial conditions are that need to be in place in order for you to achieve success with this project. Meaning, what additional personal or professional capacities do you need? What additional resources do you, or the system in which you are engaged, need, in order to achieve your project vision? Come prepared to share the results of your Q-DyTS analysis and initial conditions.

Integral Life Practice

  • READ: An Introduction to Integral Practice - by Adam Leonard (15 pp)
  • READ: Principles of Integral Practice - by Forest Jackson (20 pp)
  • REVIEW: PowerPoint on Integral Practice - by Terry Patten (18 slides)
  • WATCH: How to Pick A Spiritual Path - Ken Wilber and Brother Wayne Teasdale - (10 min)<wbr></wbr>awaken/spirit/how-pick-<wbr></wbr>spiritual-path
  • REFLECT: What is your current integral practice, if any? What additional areas of your life (Body, Mind, Spirit, Shadow) do you want to pay increased attention to? What would your ideal integral practice look like? Come prepared to discuss.

Developmental Levels

  • READ: Seven Transformations of Leadership - by David Rooke and William R. Torbert (15 pp)
  • READ: Mindsets in Action - by Avastone Consulting (47 pp)
  • REFLECT: Of the seven action logics identified in the Rooke & Torbert article, and referred to on p. 37 of the Avastone article, which one(s) do you feel best represents the way you see the world?


Leadership Agility paper by Bill Joiner

Reading Session 2

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1LA White Paper 5 Levels 2010LA White Paper 5 Levels 2010pdf2011/01/05  /  
2HBR Rooke Torbert 7 Transformations of LeadershipHBR Rooke Torbert 7 Transformations of Leadershippdf2010/01/28  /  
3Forest Jackson Principles of Integral PracticeForest Jackson Principles of Integral Practicepdf2010/01/28  /  
4Barrett Brown Four Worlds of SustainabilityBarrett Brown Four Worlds of Sustainabilitypdf2010/01/28  /  
5Avastone Leadership and the Corporate Sustainability Challenge Mindsets in ActionAvastone Leadership and the Corporate Sustainability Challenge Mindsets in Actionpdf2010/01/28  /  
6Adam Leonard Integral Practice IntroAdam Leonard Integral Practice Intropdf2010/01/28  /  
7Q-Dy TS Problem Solving Approach v2Q-Dy TS Problem Solving Approach v2pdf2010/01/28  /  
8Terry Patten Integral Life PracticeTerry Patten Integral Life Practicepdf2010/01/28  /  
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