Session 3 Assignment Overview


  • Kosmos Journal
  • Spectrum of Consciousness with 6 Major Developmental Lines
  • An Overview of Developmental Stages of Consciousness


  • READ: "Blazing the Trail from Infancy to Enlightenment: Parts I-III - The Great Developmentalists Map and Explore the Stages of Preconventional, Conventional, and Postconventional Consciousness" - compiled by Barrett C. Brown. This is a big, three-part document. You are only required to read the sections on Self- Identity and Values, all the way up the spectrum, from Infrared to Ultraviolet. Skip this sections on cognition, orders of consciousness, morals, and faith. The self- identity and values sections total about 50- 60 pages out of the entire document. For advanced studies, also review any or all of the other developmental lines, but this isn't required.
  • READ: "Detailed Descriptions of the Developmental Stages or Action Logics of the Leadership Development Framework" by Susanne Cook-Greuter (20 pages)
  • READ: "Integral Communications for Sustainability" - by Barrett C. Brown (4 pages)
  • WATCH: "How to Communicate Sustainable Initiatives" 5-part video series - by Barrett C. Brown<wbr></wbr>environment/how-communicate-<wbr></wbr>sustainable-initiatives (about 75 minutes total, each session is 15 minutes. The PowerPoint below accompanies the presentation)
  • REVIEW: "Integral Communications for Sustainability PowerPoint" - by Barrett C. Brown (219 slides, mostly images, don't worry!)
  • REFLECTION AND PROJECT ACTION: Identify the three main stakeholders associated with your sustainability project that have authority, power, and influence over it. Estimate their "center of gravity" - what action logic and/or value system do they seem to hold? Given what you have studied regarding developmental levels, write down the three most important things you need to keep in mind, from a developmental perspective, when communicating and/or interacting with these stakeholders. Come prepared to share your findings at the next class.
  • Continue to advance your sustainability initiative towards your June 15th objective, in whatever way you need.

FOR THE HUNGRY (not required):

  • TEST FOR YOUR EGO DEVELOPMENT STAGE: Option 1 - - click on "SCTi Assessment". Cost is US$ 325.  Option 2 - - click on "Harthill Leadership Development Profile". Cost is 240 euros / 350 dollars. Invest in a coaching session to complement the scoring results if you can afford it, highly recommended. (Additional costs). Both of these sites administer essentially the same test, which measures your stage of ego development or self-identity or "action logic". This is one of the most rigorous and highly respected methodologies for assessing a psychological developmental stage. It costs what it does because it is hand scored and individually evaluated by a trained professional.
  • TEST FOR YOUR VALUE SYSTEM: http://www.onlinepeoplescan.<wbr></wbr>net/default.asp -- click on "Try our Individual Profiles" and select Option 1 - "Change State Indicator + Values Test". Cost: 39 euros plus 40 euros for optional coaching session if desired. This on-line, automated test measures your espoused values and has also been academically validated. It does not substitute for the test above, as it is measuring a different aspect of your self, your espoused values, yet is also very valuable for its insights.
  • READ: "Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transformational Leadership" book by Bill Torbert and Associates (about Action Logics and Ego-Development). Highly recommended.
  • READ: "Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change" book by Don Edward Beck and Chris Cowan (about value systems and application of the theory). Highly recommended.

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