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Presenter List for Integral Theory Conference 2010

Breaking news!

The list of accepted presenters, presentations and workshops at the second Integral Theory Conference at JFK University in Pleasant Hill , CA, USA. Dates: July 29 - August 1. Read more about the conference on Opens external link in new windowhttp://integraltheoryconference.org/home. The list below has not yet been published on their website.

Experience Integral trainers Anouk Brack & Pelle Billing have been invited to conduct their leading edge workshop "The Tango of Leadership" at the ITC 2010. A chance to experience this workshop in Europe presents itself very soon at the Opens internal link in current windowIntegral Gender Dynamics seminar from Feb 11- Feb 14 in the Netherlands.

Experience Integral congratulates our friends Annick de Witt, Pelle Billing, Clint Fuhs, Terry Patten, Jonathan Reams and Dylan Newcomb for getting accepted for ITC 2010 as well! 


Accepted Workshop (Half-day or Full-day)

Billing, Pelle
Brack, Anouk
The Tango of Leadership (Half-day)

Cohen, Jeff
Martin, Randy
Fischler, Mark
Designing and Implementing an Integral Academe: Meeting the Challenges of Deep Learning in a Seemingly Fragmented Educational System (Half-day)

Dierkes, Chris
Integral Christian Mystical Theology (Half-day)

Drago-Severson, Ellie
McCallum, David
Nicolaides, Aliki
Four Pillar Practices: Building the Integral Capacity of Your Organization (Half-day)

Hamilton, Diane
Gafni, Marc
The Three Faces of Spirit: Integral Spiritual Practice Day (Full-day)

Hamilton, Marilyn
Beck, Cherie
Optimizing and Integrating the Life and Death of Integral City-zens; Exploring What We Are Called to Transcend and Include So We Can Let Go and Move On (Half-day)

Ingersoll, Elliott
Forman, Mark
Zeitler, David
Integral Psychotherapy in Clinical Practice (Full-day)

Kriesberg, Joel
Healing, Transformation and Integral Ecology: Goethe, Bach and the Unity of Nature (Full-day)

McGarvey, Metta
Heikennen, Katie
Catalyzing Transformational Change: Using Kegan's Theory to Support Adult Development (Half-day)

Newcomb, Dylan
The Four Quadrants from Ground Zero: Living Fully in the Tetra-Arising Body- Mind (Half-day)

Parlee, Bert with Diane Hamilton and Friends
Sexual Boundaries in the Integral Community (Half-day)

Thomison, Tom
Holacracy: A New Operating System for Evolving Organizations? (Half-day)

Salzman, Jeff
Integral Incubation: Hatching Your Next Self (Half-day)

Thresher, Tom
Reverent Irreverence: Integral Church for the 21st Century (Half-day)

Wilson, Annie
Roth, Robin
Clark, Carey
Groff, Linda
Whetmore, EdD
Russo, Chris
Project: Raising Consciousness in Education across the Quadrants (Half-day)

Accepted 90 Minute Presentation

Alderman, Bruce
Kingdom Come: Post-Metaphysical Inclusivism?

Anderson, Rosemarie
Embodiment and Human Development: Exploring Fairy Tales and Myths As Developmental Markers

Bowman, Kevin
The Integral Political-Economic Framework and Application to the Financial Crisis

Chase, Michele
Between Attack and Accommodation: Integrally Redefining “Devil’s Advocate "

Cook-Greuter, Susanne
Sharma, Beena
Polarities and Ego Development: An Exploration and Application of Polarity Thinking in Ego Development Theory and Coaching

Dawson, Theo
Stein, Zak
Developmental Differences in the Understanding of Integral Theory and Practice: Preliminary Results from the iTeach Project

Esbjorn-Hargens, Sean
The ‘Integral’ and ‘Theory’ in Integral Theory: What Makes Wilber’s Vision Stand Out?

Fein, Elke
Adult Development Theory and the Politics of History: An Integral Approach to Studying the Transformation of Political Cultures

Fischler, Mark
Kennedy v. Louisiana: An Integral Overview of the Decision by Our US Marine Corps with Practical Application of What an Integral Judge Would Do in the Same Situation

Fitch, Geoff
O’Fallon, Terri
Carmen, Dana
Ramirez, Venita
Enacting Containers for Integral Transformative Development

Forman, Mark
Development, Ethics, and Elitism in Integral Discourse

Foshay, Raphael
The Great Left-Hand War: Intersubjectivism, Nondualism, and Integral Theory

Fuhs, Clint
On Primordial Perspectives: A Semiotic Formulation of the Why and How Perspectives are Indeed Primordial

Gauthier, Alain
Kenley, Joan
O’Fallon, Terri
Schmidt, John
Actualizing Conscious Leadership: The Integral Imperative

Gregory, Toni
Raffanti, Michael
“Climbing a Great Hill”: Integral Diversity and Maturity Illustrated in the Autobiographies of Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X

Golin, Cindy Lou
Piece de Resistance: An Integral Approach to Engaging Resistance

Herrada, Gilles
Science, Death, and Global Mythos, or, What Is the Place of Science in an Integral Culture?

Hedlund, Nick
Situating the Mapmaker: A Post-Metaphysical Perspective on Wilber's Cartography of the Subtle

Hubbard, Barbara Marx
Patten, Terry
Enacting Conscious Evolution Integrally

Hunt, Joanne
Divine, Laura
Answering the Evolutionary Call to Wake Up and Grow Up: A Capacity Building Approach to Enacting Integral Futures

Ingersoll, Elliott
Spirituality, Psychology, & Psychotherapy: Can Spirituality Be a Psychological Construct?

Kaplan, Mark Allan
Towards an Integral Cinema: The Application of Integral Theory to Cinematic Media Theory and Practice

Kelly, Neville Ann
Babel Reconsidered: Enacting an Integral Christian Multilingualism

Larkin, Heather
Applied Integral Methodological Pluralism: Designing Comprehensive Social Services Program Evaluation

Laske, Otto
Ogilvie, Jean
Cultivating Leaders: A Research-based Methodology for Assessing the Cognitive Line of Adult Development Based on Dialectics

Lee, Lynnette
The Impact of Awareness of Personal Epistemology on Perspective-Taking Skills

Luftig, Jordan
Movement Building through Metanarrative: An Ideological Approach to Enacting Integral Futures

Lewis, Janet
Forgiveness and Integral Psychotherapy: Toward an Integral Understanding

Marquis, Andre
What Defines an Integral Psychotherapist? An Integral Taxonomy of Therapeutic Interventions and the Role of "Technique" in the Integral Psychotherapy

Martin, Hugh
Martin, Amalia Kaye
AQAL, the Next Generation? Building a Model of Human Development That Is Truly a "Theory of Everything "

McGarvey, MettaEmotional Development, Complexity, and the Path to Enlightenment: Toward an Integral Perspective

Meyerhoff, Jeff
Criticism As a Path Towards Integration

McDonald, Mark
Spence, Kirsty
Sheehan, Beth
Classroom-as-Organization (CAO): An Integral Approach

McGuigan, Richard
Popp, Nancy
Ross, Sara Nora
An Integral Approach to Transformational Learning: Practicing What We Teach

Mickey, Sam
Touching: The Sense of Integral Ecology

McIntosh, Steve
Progress and Purpose in the Evolution

Moltz, Markus
The Many Faces of Integral: Toward a Reflective and Dialogical Ecology and Genealogy of Voices, Streams and Lineages

Murray, Tom
On the Development of Beliefs Versus Skills: A Post-Metaphysical Look at Supporting Second Tier Capacities

Nicholson, Sarah
Fisher, Vanessa
Integral Gender Theory

O’Brien, Karen
Hochachka, Gail

Integral Adaptation to Climate Change
O’Fallon, Terri

Collapsing the Wilber Combs Matrix: Applied Developmental Theory and Research on the Interpenetration of Structure Stages and State Stages

Parlee, Bert
Integral Optimism: “I AM” as Hope Springs Eternal

Reams, Jonathan
The Heart and Soul Leadership: a Tranpersonally Orientated Examination of How Quality of the Presence Impacts Leadership

Riedy, Chris
Change the Message or Change the People? The Role of Translation and Transformation in an Integral Climate Change Response

Roy, Bonnitta
AQAL 2210: A Tentative Cartology of the Future, or How Do We Get from AQAL to A-Perspectival?

Silow, Theresa
The Exterior and Interior View of the Body and Its Relevance for the Integral Model

Stace, Roger
Transcending the Glamour of Pop-Psychology: How Can Integral Grow up?

Stein, Zak
Who's on Top? Vision-logic, Meta-theory, and the Normative Function of Integral

Stryker, Rick
The Nuts and Bolts of Integral Practice: Lessons from Working in Energy, Construction, and Mining

Visser, Frank
The Spirit of Evolution Reconsidered: Relating Ken Wilber's View of Spiritual Evolution to the Current Evolution Debates

Wallis, Steven
Techniques for the Objective Analysis and Advancement of Integral Theory

Walsh, Roger
The Ethics of Integral Living

Winton, Tim
PatternDynamics - Communicating Sustainability

Zeitler, David
A New Model of Self in Integral Theory: Personal, Interpersonal & Transpersonal Dimensions

Zimmerman, Michael
Excluding and Blurring Important Perspectives: An Integral Explanation of Current Climate Change Discord


Accepted 60 Minute Presentation

Barbier, Pierre-Yves
Cognitive Processes Involved in Thinking Meditation Practice and its Impact on Qualitative Research Methodology: Bridging Phenomenology and Grounded Theory Analysis.

Bllling, Pele
Letting Go of Feminism: The Case for Integral Gender Studies

De Witt, Annick
Integrally Exploring Worldviews in the Netherlands and Their Relationship to Sustainable Development

DiPerna, Dustin
Technologies for Happiness: Exploring the Implications of an Integral Approach to Religion and Spirituality

Drieghe, Geert
Religious Pluralism and the Problem of Conflicting Truth Claims: Making a case For Integral Pluralism

Forsberg, Odd Inge
Trinity of Goodness: Towards an Integral Theory of Ethics

Friesan, Edith
Edwards, Mark
Tenney, Lauren
Waters, Lisa “Jaya”
Science and Creativity: Unwrapping the Gift of Integral Metatheory

Gafni, Marc
The Future of Sex and Love: Towards an Integral Masculine and Feminine

Kelly, Mary Theresa
Dance and Evolving Feminities/Masculinities or Dance is a Gesture, its Meaning is a World Space

Green, Lakia
Opening the Integral Paradigm: The Inclusion of Cycles in the Integral Theory Framework

Hackett, Kevin
Weigley, Jessica
Towards an Integral Architecture

Hamilton, Marilyn
MeshWorking Integral Intelligences for Resilient Environments: Enabling Order and Creativity in the Human Hive

Howind, Bruni
Towards Conscious Consumption: an Integral Inquiry into Post-Consumer Behaviors and Attitudes

Leonard, Adam
Integral Communication Theory and Practice

O'Connor, Daniel
Integral Praxiology: Toward an Integral Philosophy of Human Action

Patten, Terry
Integral Evolutionary Coaching and Evolutionary Spirituality

Renert, Moshe
Davis, Brent
Ecological Sustainability and Mathematics Education: Integrally Connected

Rubin, Joanne
The Developing Ego As the Seat of Localized Awareness

Shotwell, Clay
Integral Theory and the Emergence of Music As Tonal

Varey, Will
Embracing Methodological Pluralism: The Ethics of Delineating “Health” and “Unhealth”

Wilpert, Gregory
Polity and Economy For the Integral Future

Wright, Susan
Perceptions Are Perspectives: Multi-rater Assessment in the Integral Leadership Development