Session 7 Assignment Overview


- For this month's homework we want you to catch up on some reading that you missed out on before, and read/practice a bit with the embodied leadership material that Anouk presented. Please do take the time to go back through the previous homework assignments and dive into some of the articles that you may not have gotten to earlier. There is so much good stuff there, it would be a shame if you missed out on it.

- Attached is an article by Wendy Palmer concerning embodied leadership. While it is written about Aikido, you will see the immediate relevance to leadership for sustainability.

- Practice this practice for embodied leadership at least once a day until the next session:

  1. Breathe up the spine, lengthen back and neck,
  2. Breathe down the front, soften the front of your face, chest, belly. Relax - use gravity to feel the weight of your jaw and shoulders.
  3. Balance the field around yourself (front, back, up, down, left, right).
  4. A little bit more of... Noble, Awesome, Shiny. Ask your body what it would be like if there was just a little more of a quality in your being right now. Remember your Noble, Awesome, Shiny-ness :-)


- Practice more with conscious embodiment. Wendy Palmer talks about 3 levels of practice, taken from Matthew Dodwell's :

  • Dedicated practice - a morning or evening sit. Recommended for 15 mins or more, using posture as a concentration to keep returning to. A way of 'soaking' in the 4 part centering practice and getting to know ourselves and our patterns of mind and keeping returning to center
  • Ritual - pre-determined times during the day. A good guide is 5* 10 secs or 10 * 5secs = less than a minute a day. Good times are
    • Sitting at our desks before switching on the computer
    • before getting out of a car
    • Going through the office door.
    • If you´ve got a watch or PDA that can beep on the hour, use this to remind to center once an hour throughout the day
  • Whenever we remember - before a big meeting or phone call, etc.

Her own website is and the video of Paul Linden "attacking" people by throwing tissues is . Enjoy!

- Some of you asked for the paper I did detailing the stages of development of 12 lines of development for organizations. It is attached. This is the first time this has been done to this degree of granularity, and it really helps to clarify how key dimensions of organizations grow.

- Watch the video "I Heart Huckabees" - it's an outrageous film with existential detectives, consciousness exploration, sustainability worldview wars, and just good humor. I loaned it to Anouk and Rik and they watched it 4 times. You should be able to download it off the internet or YouTube, or request through your local video store.

- The books I mentioned during class that are just dynamite concerning sustainability leadership are:

  • The Five Literacies of Global Leadership - By Richard Hames - has the best explanation of what it looks like to operate from a Strategist action logic as a leader in the 21st century
  • Leading Change for Sustainability - by Bob Doppelt - has a really powerful systems based change framework and methodology for advancing sustainability initiatives within organizations. Recently updated to focus on the decarbonization of the industrial economy
  • The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook - by Bob Willard - an easy read with a nice suite to tools, frameworks to help advance sustainability. More of a mainstream document, but good to have as a reference.

Have a great month and we'll see you on May 25th!

Best regards,


Barrett C. Brown, M.A., Co-Director
Integral Sustainability Center

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