Session 8 Assignment Overview



  • READ: "Checklist for integrally-informed assessment and implementation of sustainable development initiatives" - by Barrett Brown. This checklist of questions will help you to ensure you are not missing any key elements when you analyze a situation. (6 pages)
  • READ:"Overview of the Strategist and Alchemist action logics, including a summary of the capacities that emerge with each" - by Barrett Brown. This is the only compilation of the capacities that emerge at these stages that I am aware of. (11 pages)
  • READ:"Competencies of Postconventional Sustainability Leadership" - by Barrett Brown. This reviews all the major studies that have been done on sustainability leadership competencies, focusing on those which seem to focus most on competencies for developmentally mature sustainability leaders. (15 pages)
  • WRITE: First, review the capacities that emerge at Strategist and Alchemist action logics as well as the chart of competencies of sustainability leaders. Then choose three capacities and/or competencies that you want to develop for your own sustainability leadership. Don't choose any more than three. Then, write out an action plan to develop those competencies or capacities over the next 12 months. Ideally, you would create initiatives that not only advance your most important projects but also drive your development in these key areas. That way you accomplish two important things at the same time. Note, pay specific attention to the "five literacies of global leadership" offered by Richard Hames. In the text (not the Appendix) of the competencies article I have offered a slightly more detailed description of them than what is in the Appendix. Please come prepared to share your action plan with the group for our last class. It can include things like: courses to take, books to read, practices to engage in regularly, coaches/mentors to draw upon, community support, strategic initiatives of yours that this ties into, etc. What is important is to make it your own so that you engage in it in service of your own development. If you have questions on this, bring them to the next class or e-mail me.


  • Purchase and read David Hames' "Five Literacies of Global Leadership"
  • Review "Framework and key elements of 2009-2010 conscious leadership for sustainability course" and gather any final questions you have for our last class.

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