Pictures of August 2009 seminar Integral Leadership for Sustainable Evolution

Pre-Reading Articles for seminar

Here are links to download 3 great articles and slide shows to prepare yourself for the seminar. Also good material for everyone interested in Sustainability, Integral theory and Leadership Development. Click on the links below to start downloading...


Clear and practical Introduction in Integral Theory by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens

165 K


Slides summarizing the Lester Brown book Plan B 3.0 on the current state of the planet and solutions

2.9 M


Article explaning how to communicate sustainability to people with different worldviews

274 K

Seminar Reader content

Curious what material was in the reader of the seminar? Here's your chance! Don't mind the letters in front of the documents, just a way of ordering them in the order we needed them during the program.

Resources offered after 2009 seminar Integral Leadership for Sustainable Evolution

Here are links to download all articles and slide shows about in Sustainability, Integral theory and Leadership Development, generously made available by the trainers of the August 2009 seminar Integral Leadership for Sustainable Evolution.  Great materials both for participants and non-attendees. Click on the links below to start downloading...


Barrett Brown's article on Integral Sustainability 101, looking at the quadrants and sustainability efforts


Barrett Brown's slides on Integral Sustainability also illustrating the developmental stages with lots of pictures


Overview of articles and links provided by Clint Fuhs


Clint Fuhs' article on Integral Leadership


Clint Fuhs'article on State and Structure Stages


Clint Fuhs'article on Organization Development with historical perspective


Clint Fuhs'article on an Integral Epistomology - about an integral approach to combining scientific methodologies


Clint Fuhs article explaining Integral Perspective Taking including the famous appendix with the perspectives listed


Jesse McKay's slides on Integral Leadership Agility - a system focusing on leadership behavior and skills


Jesse McKay's slides on the four stages on group development, also called conversational fields


Pelle Billing's slides on Integral Gender


Rik Hoevers' list of resources on philosophy of technology