The Big Picture of global Sustainability Leadership - August 24th, 19:30 - 21:45 (Venwoude)

Leading from our deepest and widest perspectives

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This interactive lecture both kickstarts the EIS2011 seminar and is open to everybody interested in Global Trends on Sustainability and Leadership.

Be a part of this lecture by Barrett Brown and Marilyn Hamilton (two world-class experts on sustainability leadership, resilient community building & integral theory) on global trends at the macro, meso, and micro-levels that are relevant for sustainability leadership.

Effective change agents and leaders pay attention to what is happening outside of their organization, in the broader world, and what is happening inside them in the personal world. They bring both those insights into their organizations, thereby cultivating its ability to adapt and grow.

This exploration will help you to prioritize and clarify and find the scale at which your investment of energy, intellect and heart can best serve.

In this presentation and dialogue, Marilyn Hamilton and Barrett Brown will draw on their expansive experience as leaders for sustainability and researchers into sustainability leaders. They will offer a guided tour of some of the most important trends and dynamics at play in the world today that inform the practice of sustainability leadership. They'll also offer a suite of resources that you can connect into on a regular basis to keep on top of those trends.

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This lecture can be attended as an open event on the kick off night of the Summer seminar on "Embodying Integral Sustainability". If you are not able to join us for the whole seminar, register here and join us for this lecture, the costs are 35 euro's. We will be in Venwoude's big room, so it's a nice pre-season meet and greet! 

You can join for dinner at Venwoude at 18:00. Or come at 19:00 to meet and greet. We start at 19:30 and end at 21:45. You're welcome to join us for drinks afterwards.

For participants of the seminar this interactive lecture is included in the program. 

register here and join us at the interactive evening lecture of Barrett Brown and Marilyn Hamilton. Space is limited: Registration is necessary!