Experience the Community Day of 13 Feb 2011

On February 13 2011 we had a lovely community day celebrating the second birthday of Experience Integral. We talked about our business plan, partnering organisations talked about their experience of integral in the Netherlands, and Barrett Brown brought us the latest outcomes of his research on the competencies of high level sustainability. 

Barrett Brown shared his presentation and summary of the fifteen competencies.

We are happy to be able to share all this information with you! We're buying new video equipment so the next event will be even better covered...

Enjoy the video's!

Experience Integral 2.0
Organisation overview on Prezi

Introduction - Anouk Brack

Program of the Community Day

  • Arriving together: Including a shared guided meditation by Patrick van der Hofstad
  • Experience Integral 2.0, what's next: Anouk Brack and Miriam van Groen take us on a tour through the 3 synergetic activities of Experience Integral 2.0: Community development, Course development and Consultancy development. With contributions from Daphne van Run and Sven Duyx. The possibilities to team up with Experience Integral will be highlighted by Rik Hoevers.
  • Breaking News: Competencies and Practices of Developmentally Mature Change Agents and Leaders: Barrett Brown will review his recent research on how developmentally mature change agents and leaders design and engage in sustainability initiatives. These findings provide significant insight into the future of sustainability leadership.
  • Video: Watch an inspiring 20 min presentation from Galen of Opens external link in new windowBiomatrixwater.com taped at the recent Bioneers conference at Findhorn (Autumn 2010) about cleaning up filthy rivers cleverly combining nature and technology.
  • A Tour on the State of Integral in the Netherlands: Friends and partners of the Experience Integral Foundation introduce their work and growing edge. Afterwards a facilitated dialogue the state of integral life in the Netherlands and what's emerging in 2011. Confirmed contributions by Center for Human Emergence, the School of Synnervation and Venwoude.

To close off the afternoon we will celebrate the birthday of Experience Integral and toast on the evolution of the integral approach!

Experience Integral 2.0 business model - Rik Hoevers

Experience Integral Business Model drawing by Tijmen Brozius

Competencies and practices of developmentally mature change agents and leaders - Barrett Brown

Venwoude - Retreat Centre in the Heart of Europe

The state of Integral at the Centre for Human Emergence - Lisette Schuitemaker

The state of Integral at Realize!

Discussion and evaluation on the Experience Integral Community Day

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