Video's of the Community Day

We had a wonderful gathering on September 11 2010 and are happy to be able to share these video's with you!

We're saving for a new video camera because we're planning on capturing and publishing much more material of our activities. If you want to support us in this, you can make a donation with the button down on the right.

Enjoy the video's!

Introduction - Anouk Brack

Program of the day

- Shared guided meditation by Foreno van der Hulst travelling from the very big to the very small. 

- Anouk Brack offers the juicy bits from California returning from the Integral Theory Conference and the Integral Ecology & Education seminar in California, USA. What's hot in the integral universe?

- Barrett Brown reports about actually doing conscious leadership in sustainability in real life at his job. Also he will share some preliminary results of his dissertation research on highly developed business leaders driving sustainability projects worldwide.

- Rik Hoevers reveals the first of his "7 essential mindshifts for sustainability leaders" from his forthcoming book.

- Collectively envisioning the Future of Conscious Leadership for Sustainability and the role of Experience Integral

Lot's of gooood Fooood & Music and Drinks

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7 Essential Mindshifts - Rik Hoevers

(More information on the project:

Development in Sustainability Leadership - Barrett Brown

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