Practice Group Experience Leadership for Sustainability

Over the last year a platform has grown to facilitate cross-pollination between sustainability leaders and change agents on a regular basis. The infrastructure has been created as a support in personal and professional growth by peer-to-peer learning, as well as an opportunity for continued community building.

The intention for this practice group is to create action meetings that are about learning and shared problem-solving on the topics of leadership, sustainability and Integral Theory. By sustainability practitioners, for sustainability practitioners, with the focus of application in daily (work)life.

For whom
Folks that have been either a participant on the 2009-2010 or the 2011 Conscious Leadership for Sustainability Course led by Barrett Brown and Anouk Brack; participants of the Experience Integral Seminar 2009 or 2011; passionate individuals that have substantial knowledge of Integral Theory and Sustainability issues (after a short intake, nothing scary, just to make sure there's enough common ground to work from. Contact Anouk if this applies for you).

-          5 Wonderful Wednesday evenings
19:30 until 22:00 in Utrecht, the uneven months: 12 Oct, 21 Dec, 15 Feb, 18 Apr, 20 Jun

-          5 Super Satisfying Saturday mornings
9:30 until 12:30 in Amsterdam, the even months: 17 Sept, 19 Nov, 21 Jan, 17 Mar, 19 May

Membership fee
Memberships are for a year. To accommodate the needs, we have created three memberships:
-    Wednesdays and Saturdays 95 euro p.p.
-    Only the Wednesdays 50 euro p.p.
-    Only the Saturdays 50 euro p.p.

About the facilitators
Chiel Zwarts: course participant 'Conscious Leadership for Sustainability' 2011.
Daphne van Run: course participant 'Conscious Leadership for Sustainability' 2009-2010 and co-host Practice Group 2010-2011.
Anouk Brack: founder of Experience Integral and co-host Practice Group 2010-2011.

If you are interested in joining, contact Opens window for sending emailAnouk Brack.