Notes of the gathering

Date: Wednesday December 21 2011, 19:30 – 22.30

Location: The Angel Shop, Utrecht

Theme: Light in / on the Dark

#Participants: 9

Program parts:

- Checkin with toffees (chocolate checkin)

- Meditation, guided by Anouk, focussing on three centres: hara, heart and head

- Shadowwork, facilitated by Larissa. We did a 3-2-1 process in pairs, one person addressing a shadowissue and the other guiding by way of a list with questions. This was done in three rounds of 10 minutes each after which we took 15 minutes to share our adventures. We talked about the questions How did you experience this?, What emotions came up? and What can you feel in your body?

- We had drinks and assorted goodies we brought for half an hour after which we closed the evening


- Recording of meditation by Anouk (mp3, will be added later)