Notes of the gathering

Date: Wednesday February 15, 2012, 19:30-22:00

Location: The Angel Shop, Utrecht

Theme: Application & Communication

# Participants: 9

Program parts:

- Meditation facilitated by Foreno

- Harvest of the Experience Integral Community day last Saturday

Theme: Conscious Followership for Sustainability

Program of the Comm. Day:

- Intro by Foreno and Miriam, some shadowwork on leadership and followership

- Update on Experience Integral by Anouk

- Presentation on Integral Education by Matthew

- NLP exercises by Paul

- Intensive psycho drama exercises by Greg

- Dinner

Some key insights that surfaced:

- Awareness on when to lead, when to follow

- Following and leading are two sides of a coin, sometimes hard to distinguish

- People always want to go somewhere they are not now, "acceptance"

- Great day with lovely people, first time to think so much about what followership is

- Being a leader and / or follower is less important thant alligning with a higher cause

- The importance of followership

- There is no leadership in Buddhism, everyone is a follower (except maybe the Buddha)

- Sometimes a leader is needed as a focal point for some people

- It would be great to practice leadership / followership with a Big Mind process

- Being aware when to be "the first follower", conscious followership

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- Multiple perspective exercise, facilitated by Paul

In a process developed by Paul a person is facilitated by two others to take different perspectives on a personal or professional topic

Reported insights after the exercise:

- Clear insights on myself and my thinking and also on the other person

- It's like the 3-2-1 shadow process, but more powerfull since of the different chairs and persons. Also it's very different.

- It's amazing how people tap into the perfect impersonations, very helpful to aid your process

- It allows you to see your shadows much more clearly than from your normal perspective

- I saw lively what I'm invested in. What is my fight? Very confronting and messy... like reality

- Taking other perspectives is very enlightening; having only one is heavy and dark

- Dig Deep! :-)