Ines Lourenco

When Anouk invited me to work on the Integral Experience Seminar 2011´developing I felt honored and blessed just with the possibility of working with an amazing energy, enthusiasm and vision that Anouk and her team emanate. When we met, last year on Integral Theory Conference 2010, I felt a spark connection, our common ground and the growth potential of some partnership became clear . We got connected to make magic through the creation of new possibilities to come to life.

My background in Psychology with a Master degree in Organizational Behavior allows me to create new learning experiences´ fields and operate on human behavior´s changing, mainly in companies and NGO´s. My challenge?  Is to contribute to the people´s awakening and gathering, co-creating a more sustainable way of living and a happier life to all beings this amazing planet, our home! I have studied, over the past 10 years different theories, authors and approaches in positive psychology, religions, meditation practices, philosophy, anthropology, spirituality that allowed myself to make me sense of an holistic mindset supported with the depth of integral model studies.

On my daily work with people and groups, I can see in the eyes of each person that I work with, hope, loving energy and a strong, yet sometimes unconscious, willing to make a difference, to engage a more coherent and peaceful way in their life's, families and communities, and so, what can be the motor to that switch? In the projects witch I work I apply integral practices and self-knowing and motivation techniques so people can embodied their consciousness on a daily basis.

So, to me this is a huge challenge! How to bring leadership competencies, awakening and free willing to the front of the “championship?”. Like Gandhi once said and we keep listening to him: “be the change that you want to be in the world”.. So let´s work on us to make the difference in every single moment.

Thank you,

Love, peace and unity


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