7 Habits for Tapping Potency

Our collective capacity to enact our deepest values in the face of these challenging ecological and geopolitical conditions is nothing short of necessary. Leadership is not only essential, it’s no longer an option to remain uninvolved. 

We know that power lies in depth, and that from the depths of our presence, we can affect each other and thus our world. An integral framework includes five distinct elements that organize a more balanced and comprehensive approach to leadership.  We can account for optimal states for acting, interior and exterior domains of both the leaders and those we lead, lines of development and the personality types that constellate our organizations, to name a few key areas. 

Willow Dea invites you to join her for a dive into the 7 Habits for Tapping Potency. Leadership is all about aliveness. It’s about dancing effortlessly through the matrices of complexity in our organizational systems and our lives.  It’s about being willing to stay curious enough to be aware of the subtle and seemingly minor shifts that can affect the way that a message or idea is perceived. More than being present and engaged, it’s about bringing fresh eyes to the delicate and arduous path of offering one’s Self fully. 

 Here are a few hints about the 7 habits:

  • Consciousness matters. 
  • Riding the moment works wonders. 
  • Disentangle yourself from your delusions.
  • Be uncertain and uncomfortable willingly.
  • Track your animal desires. Meet your own needs. 
  • Unlock your creative potential by setting constraints. Flow matters.


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