Fear, Love and our fear-driven Economy

Motivation comes out of emotions. Thoughts are as such neutral, but may awaken emotions. We have two basic emotions fear and love. We can always choose which one to act from. The basic emotions and their consequences fit very well in the four quadrants. When we feel fear (UL), it is because we are threatened in some way. This mainly happens in the inter-subjective perspective (LL). As we feel threatened, it is not likely that we will reveal our total opinion about objective truth (UR, LR). If we in this situation can return to trusting that every person has the same desire of expressing their Eros freely and positively, we get in touch with love in our selves. When we feel love (UL), we automatically will feel affinity to others (LL) as we are no longer threatened in the same way. Then we are not threatened in the same way and thus prepared to reveal more of our personal take on truth (UR, LR).  

The economic/monetary system that we live in, is a total block against our environmental ambitions. Conventional capitalism will always try to please the customer, make stuff in more efficient ways and replace scarce materials. But as long as our economic system requires exponential growth to appear stable, we will not get where we want to. There are alternatives to this fear-driven system!

In this parallel session we will first enjoy Jackie’s perhaps extreme perspective on the economic system and after that a facilitated group dialogue will build on this presentation and tie it to the future of integral sustainability.

About Jackie Bergman

Jackie Bergman is Master of Science, Thermal Engineering, and has been working in the energy utility industry in Sweden for thirty years as an environmentally driven project manager and business developer. He has studied Psycho-synthesis professionally and Integral Theory one year at Fielding University, USA. He has been facilitator for fathers and men’s groups, coach, etc. He is today a writer, speaker and activist.

Ten years ago he was clear about the limitations of technical solutions. Two years ago he started to get clear about the limitations of exponential economic growth. Today he works with inner leadership, how we lead ourselves and maybe others. He has written a book and put together a DVD on leadership for the sustainable society, both based on the notion of fear and love.


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