Grok, Talk, Walk, Rock

Four Generations Constellating Leadership for Sustainability

In today‚Äôs Human Hive, how do generational cohorts align (or not) as they clash, coordinate, collaborate, and constellate their values of Leadership on behalf of Sustainability? What differentiates the approaches of those born before WWII from the Boomers, Gen X and the Millennials? Where is sustainability impacted by the archetypes that these four generations demonstrate in their thinking, behaviours, relationships and systems?

In this session we will voice the worldviews, capacities and complexities of four generational patterns. We will discover how an integral perspective helps us design effective practices and strategies for sustainability that serves People in this Place on this Planet. As we Grok, Talk, Walk and Rock, we will meshwork the strengths of the four generations seeking sustainable solutions that align with their different lifecycle experiences.

Research from Integral City will underline the dynamics of generational values in decision making and resource allocation. This session will finish with a constellation that reveals the cosmic cycles embracing the resilience cycles of the Human Hive.


Dr. Marilyn Hamilton CGA: founder, Integral City Meshworks Inc. and Centre for Human Emergence Canada. Author of Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive Abbotsford, Canada


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