Leadership Embodiment

“The power is in the recovery”



During the seminar we will practice leadership embodiment with Anouk Brack during the morning practice before breakfast. It combines gentle physical exercises with mindfulness practice and teaches us to positively change our state of being into a centered state. Next to that we will explore our personality patterns learning to recognize them better and sooner. All this builds our capacity to re-center under stress.


Embodied Leadership is a leadership practice of calm and assertive presence that results in a confident, connected and clear state. This state transmits instantly onto others and influences the atmosphere of a meeting or encounter positively.


It was developed out of Aikido, a Japanese martial arts that focuses on restoring dynamic harmony in every situation, and mindfulness, an awareness practice that increases discernment and decreases stress and reactivity.  Leadership Embodiment's founder and Anouk's teacher, Wendy Palmer, has over 40 years of experience in coaching and training high level business leaders in their leadership embodiment.


It is the perfect addition to any leadership development program because it works with training the mind-body to be more pro-active. This practice pays off especially in stressful or demanding situations, because it increases our capacity to respond to any situation with more presence, dignity and wisdom.


The practice consists of frequently bringing ourselves back into a centered state, noticing when we are out of balance and restoring a calm, assertive presence using the breath and body posture. We use the feedback mechanisms in our biology that will change our mental state accordingly when we change our body physiology.


It is not about staying centered. The power is in the recovery.



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