Natural Brilliance

Embodying spaciousness, clarity, richness, passion and activity

Cultivating sustainable well-being in people is pivotal in how we can be players, rather than victims, in the world. It is at the core of every human effort. As Peter Senge, founding chairperson of the Society for Organizational Learning at MIT, says “The simple realization that people are our only real asset illustrates the core of what will probably determine which countries and which organizations will thrive in the 21st century.” More and more people are realizing that the best is within us and we can access that goodness through contemplative practices.

The practice of the Five Wisdoms and an understanding of embodied energy allow us to have a psychophysical experience of both our wisdom and our neurosis, where we shine and where we get stuck. This awareness is transformative: we can learn to align with the best of who we are, coming into a sense of well-being, and use our stuck places as growth points. These practices, sourced in Tantric Buddhism, are based on the subtle energy of our body so allow direct experience, beyond concept, of five energetic patterns.

We have the potential for all the energies—spaciousness, clarity, richness, passion and activity—and can display different energies in different areas of our lives. Becoming familiar with the ways we perceive and interact with our world can yield enormous insight into our patterns of behavior. When we embrace all of who we are, we are kind towards ourselves and compassionate towards others.

This part of the seminar is designed and facilitated as a morning track every day after breakfast by Irini Rockwell.


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