Leadership at the Edge:

- Insights from leaders who hold post-conventional consciousness on how to design and engage in change initiatives            

Opens internal link in current windowby Barrett Brown

This presentation will review recent research on leaders who hold post-conventional consciousness (i.e., assessed at the latest three stages of the action logics model - Strategists, Alchemists, and Ironists - or Teal, Turquoise and Violet/Ultraviolet in Ken's altitude model).

The focus is on the intersection of their complex meaning-making system with the design and engagement of change initiatives, specifically in the context of sustainability.

I was curious about what these leaders actually do, and how their advanced meaning-making capacity expresses itself in the act of cultivating change.

See this link to learn more about the research: Opens external link in new windowhttp://integralthinkers.com/featured/conscious-leadership/ .


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