Profit and Business Model Generation

In the well-known triple P bottom line of People, Planet and Profit, Profit is last and in some cases least. There are several reasons why this might be the case. It’s vital to gain clarity around this since profit is part of the overall success and scalability of a sustainability initiative.

What is your personal relationship to money? What are your beliefs around money? What is your view of people with bucket loads of money and people with very little money?

Is your product, just the product or service people pay for or are there other components that play key roles in your business model? Is there a systemic way to order them, brainstorm about new models and communicate them to others?

These questions will be guiding our exploration of Profit and Business Model Generation. So that all of us can have fun with the projects we are working on, while making a contribution to the planet and at the same time making profit. So we can have more fun, make a bigger contribution and … we co-create a virtuous cycle. 

Facilitation by Foreno van der Hulst and Willow Dea

Foreno van der Hulst and Willow Dea will be guiding us in updating our relationship to profit, money and the value of our services. They will offer us tools and inquiries to lead the way to a healthier relationship to Profit in the Triple P business case.


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