Tango Lessons: Joining, Leading, Following, Synergy

Any activity that connects people is extremely powerful and tremendously fulfilling. As the essence of tango is joining with another, from which flow a myriad of movement possibilities, we come to have a tangible sense of what it means to lead with clarity and purpose as well as follow with grace and ease.

First, the leader leads and the follower responds. More sophisticated approaches include the response of the follower guiding the leader’s next lead and the leader and follower doing different movements.

At some point in this reciprocal relationship, both ride the synergistic energy of the moment, the epitome of good collaboration.

We will use playful yet provocative movement exercises to explore these principles in couples and groups.

Experience this playful workshop on Thursday evening and dive deeper during a paralel session on Friday. Irini Rockwell has many years experience studying and teaching the dynamics of dance and leadership. She brings a deep understanding of the 5 wisdom energies of Tibetan buddhism.


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