Tapping into the Masculine and Feminine

Explore what it is like to experience the fundamental energies of Femininity and Masculinity in your own being, and what happens when you hold these in relationship to other people.

Maybe you’re wondering why tapping into the Masculine and Feminine has anything to do with Embodying Integral Sustainability? Well, this session is designed for you to discover your own perspectives on exactly that question.

What is the potential that feminine and masculine energies hold for more aliveness and vibrancy? Maybe this aliveness and vibrancy is the catalyst for greater success and real impact. Each of us holds their own individual key for the unlocking of that potential. Are you in for the ride?

In this session we’ll provide the container and direction to give you a taste of femininity and masculinity in yourselves and in relationship with others. We’ll explore what your own relationship with these energies (masculinity for the men, femininity for the women) is through dialogue and through embodied exercises.

We look forward generating a lot of energy with you and dancing with it!

About the facilitators Ewan Townhead and Daphne van Run

Our friends and colleagues Daphne and Ewan will join us for part of the seminar in order to facilitate this session for us.

Ewan: a conscious entrepreneur and writer. Co-founder of Waking up the Workplace and creative activist in the field of Conscious Business. Ewan has been part of a men’s group since the age of 10.

Daphne: operating with dreammeetsreality as a facilitator and team developer in the realm of Conscious Business. Co-host of the Experience Integral ‘Experience Leadership for Sustainability’ Practice Group. Daphne has been part of the Feminine Power community since June 2010.


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