The Lotus: Leading yourself and leading others, authentically and holistically.

Learn the importance of how to bring your entire authentic self to the table, and lead others in collaborative processes towards sustainability. By being authentically who you are, you learn how to engage other people beyond your cognition, and from a more inspired and heartfelt place. 

We will explore 9 leadership capacities authentic leaders find essential in their work (based upon research with 33 change agents) and how they develop those capacities through personal and collective practices. Practices discovered in our research include Mindfulness meditation, self-reflection questions, dialogue based group work, Aikido and many other practices that engage the head, heart, spirit and body. We will go in depth with the capacities: what the capacity is, how it is important during collaborative group processes, how to develop the capacity through practice, and provide time for quiet personal reflection.

This approach to authentic leadership, coupled with a body of knowledge and skills around Strategic Sustainable Development (also known as The Natural Step Framework), offers a powerful way for change agents wanting to effect transformative change towards sustainability in their organisations and communities.

This paralel session is led by Opens internal link in current windowChristopher Baan. Opens external link in new windowGo here to see The Lotus online.


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