Virtual Collaboration 101

Globalization of personal networks and the vast expansion of technical communication possibilities mean that we are more and more often working together in the virtual realm. Most of us are still used to working together with people that are physically close. This development brings with it its own set of chances and issues: some things that are normal when you’re face to face are impossible when you’re on Skype, and vice versa. How do you collaborate effectively and spiritedly in the digital age?


In this parallel session participants will share experiences in working together across time zones and cultures. The inventory of problems and opportunities arising from that sharing will be used as input to brainstorm about solutions and best practices. The result will be that participants in this session will have a better idea of what they will encounter when working with people across the globe and how to find their way in and make use of the endless possibilities that arise from various applications, services  and websites.


This session is hosted and facilitated by Miriam van Groen



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