Rik Hoevers

My name is Rik Hoevers, I hold a Master’s degree in philosophy. In my life I have engaged in a number of trades and engagements, developing both the left and right sides of my brain. After studying philosophy I was an internet nerd for about ten years. Although I don't build websites professionally anymore, I still put those skills into use as the webmaster for the Experience Integral site.

I maintain the website www.sacredgeometry.nl (in Dutch only) where I express my enthusiasm for mysticism in general and sacred geometry in particular. One of my practices is studying weird old texts, digesting that knowledge and translating it to and incorporating it in our current times.

One of my roles in the seminar will be to design and co-lead the opening and closing ceremonies, creating and carefully dissolving the container in which we'll play and evolve together.

Also, my mind is filled with ideas and paradigm shifts that are longing to be incorporated in culture, society, technology, psychology. I will share a selection of these Mindshifts for a more sustainable world, elaborating why it's beneficial to take a good look at our paradigms, assessing and improving them. The introduction and first chapter can be found on http://7essentialmindshifts.wordpress.com/.

Freeing these thoughts from my head has a big priority, but the vessel of my personality isn't really up to this task at the moment. To improve upon this I've identified and developed some practices in my day-to-day life. In the seminar I will host a session on how to build and maintain practices in your work and private life. I will be showing how the same principles underlie developing a meditation practice and the ability not to drown in your inbox. We will be looking at do’s and don’ts to make your life more effective and stress-free.

Among my heroes are Toth, Pythagoras and Buckminster Fuller; my practices include meditation, Getting Things Done (GTD) and tantra.