Venue Venwoude, the Netherlands

We’ll be the guests of Venwoude, a well-known centre for personal growth and reflection in the Netherlands. Venwoude stands for the conscious development and practical application of one's personal power and qualities, committed to and in tune with the greater whole that we are all part of.

Everything you wish for and more, it's all here:

  •   Evolution in action

  •   Beautiful nature

  •   Delicious organic vegetarian cuisine

  •   Grounded spirituality

  •   Inspired people

Currently a core of 20-25 people group run Venwoude. It is a place where new ways of cooperation and community life are being developed and put to the test in daily life, based on a shared vision that is constantly evolving.

Ever evolving, Venwoude keeps in touch with many centres, initiatives, movements, teachers and other sources of inspiration. Its facilities are regularly rented by other groups that contribute to a greater awareness and the development of our human potential.

Above all, Venwoude is a place where people simply meet each other in their longing for a life of inspiration and fulfillment, in attunement to the greater whole.

It can be found north of Utrecht in Lage Vuursche in the midst of a beautiful foresty area. Venwoude is much more than a beautiful location for seminars! It is a place where a variety of workshops and professional trainings in the field of personal growth and leadership are being developed and offered to the public.

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