Cultivating Presence: The Lotus

We are proud to be collaborating with The Lotus Collective on bringing Leadership Presence to Sustainability initiatives.

The Lotus is a collective of young facilitators who support change agents to bring 'presence' in their sustainability work, and to be more effective in guiding complex change initiatives. We design and facilitate learning, leadership and transformation programmes that help you and your organisation cope with some of the toughest sustainability challenges.

We provide workshops and seminars that strengthen people’s inner leadership and personal resilience,

We host dialogue-based transformation processes that catalyse transformation towards sustainability with tangible and hands-on outcomes, and

We share in-depth written guidance on leadership development (The Lotus –a practice guide for authentic leadership towards sustainability). 

What others say about The Lotus:

'It has given me words and context to a deeper meaning of what
sustainability and leadership means for me. It has also helped me to see
me more as part of it. It has helped me to accept all of me and seeing
that all components are present in others. It has been able to link me
with my purpose.

- participant in webinar series 'Facilitating Transformation towards Sustainability', May 2012.

Find The Lotus website here.

Download "The Lotus a Practice Guide for Authentic Leadership toward Sustainability" (PDF)