Sustainability and environmental consulting

Michiel Doorn has 25 years of international experience in environmental and climate consulting with industry and government. His passion is to facilitate profitable change toward more resilient and sustainable business practices through sound engineering, creativity, analysis and synthesis. Additionally, he has developed a deep knowledge of Spiral Dynamics and cosmology/ontology to assess key human and cultural parameters that influence progress and to better understand our changing role toward the Earth and each other.

Michiel has worked in the United States and in the Netherlands for both government and industry. He has experience in many environmental disciplines and in sustainable development/CSR - climate change and mitigation, sustainable energy, waste and wastewater, and air pollution; offering an integrated approach to multi-disciplinary issues. Some of Michiel’s clients, past and present: US Environmental Protection Agency, World Bank, United Nations, IPCC, AgentschapNL, VROM, Floriade 2012 BV, ARCADIS, Merck.

He has particular interest in developing methodologies and assessment tools that allow for monitoring and sharing progress in complex realities. He is currently experimenting with pattern language as a platform for sharing lessons learned. He enjoys working with young people and is a visiting adjunct at Webster University, Leiden, teaching a class in business, innovation and sustainability.

Mr. Doorn has his own consulting firm Ecoawareness ( from which he shapes tangible learning and transition processes toward more passionate and sustainable business, thereby always building on his sound technological and scientific foundations.

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